Adrian Marcel's Marcel University Mentorship Program with The Recording Academy

Marcel University is a comprehensive music mentorship program spearheaded by Platinum-selling R&B artist, Adrian Marcel.
Established in 2018 at Marcel’s alma mater, Oakland School for the Arts (OSA), students that have auditioned and are personally selected by Adrian receive the exclusive opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about the business aspects of the music industry.

Throughout the school year, Marcel along with his team of music industry veterans will help nurture the students gifts by providing invaluable insight on the process of creating a hit song, teaching students how to go about registering and protecting their work in addition to sharing the fundamentals of artist development and branding within the oversaturated realm of social media. 

Marcel University Course Outline
​Class No. 1 – Copyrights
Class No. 2 – Music Registration
Class No. 3 – Splits and Percentages
Class No. 4 – Digital Distribution
Class No. 5 –Publishing and Royalties
Class No. 6 –Contractual Agreements
(Transition from business content to Artist Development)
Class No. 7 –Artist Development
Class No. 8 –Building Your Management Team (Also) Prep for Final Project
Class No. 9 –Final Class of the SemesterTest + Presentation

Marcel University 1st semester


To have a “Marcel University: MASTERCLASS” at your high school, college or for your organization
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